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Our history

With activity for over 3 decades and substantial knowledge in the shading market. With a dynamic course and rapid development. Consistent towards our customers. With strong partnerships, aiming to offer high quality products and best pricing. We invest in the success of our partners, offering integrated solutions, setting new standards in the market.

Our people

SKIA invests in its personnel. We offer a stable and friendly working environment, aiming at mutual trust and open communication. We strongly believe that success is a product of teamwork, so the success of our people becomes also our success. Our real strength is our people.

Our strategy

Our team, consisting of competent and experienced executives with a common vision for the future, has adopted a clear development strategy. We set specific goals and proceed with steady steps towards their accomplishment. We constantly invest in quality. We strengthen the cooperation with our suppliers. We are consolidating our position in the domestic market. Aiming to enter new markets with high growth prospects.

Οur facilities

On a private owned area of 5 acres in the region of Argolis, in Peloponnese Greece. Only 130 kilometers far from Athens. In a modern, innovative building, followingall European Union standards of safety.  With a total area of 5000 sq.m., divided into three floors of 1650 sq.m. each. With new, state-of-the-art production machinery. A production unit, oriented towards flexibility, functional autonomy and absolute quality.

Our philosophy

Our basic principle is respect for people. We invest in the mutual trust with our customers. We build partnerships that stand through time. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products quality, as well as our services. We aim at the fastest and most complete response to the current and future needs of our partners.

Our vision

For all of us, SKIA is not just our working environment. It is the bet we made, in difficult times and adverse situations. It is what we managed to create with great faith, patience and persistence and of course a lot of work. With seriousness and responsibility. With respect to the customers. With a vision to create a modern company, a benchmark company in the domestic and international market.