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Solid elegance!

Simple lines, compact volumes, elegant appearance. It consists of an aluminum front beam with an integrated gutter, attached on aluminum pillars that support the structure, while drive the rainwater off the roof. Its roof consists of Block-out PVC and has the ability to remain closed, fully open or remain in any intermediate position chosen by the user. Optionally, its movement can be electronically controlled by weather sensors such as wind sensor, sun-air sensor, rain sensor. Combined with 75x150mm or 150x150mm pillars. Maximum covered dimensions 13,000 x 6,500 mm with one system. Fully remote controlled. Compatible with RTS or io technology.


Available versions: Modus Wall | Modus Block | Modus Sky





Super durable RAL powder colors
The RAL shades  with fine texture finish, combine excellent behavior in outdoor conditions with high mechanical properties and high-quality aesthetics. The Ammos color shades are at least three times more UV resistant than standard durability RAL Gloss and RAL Matt, and are approved according to QualicoatClass 2.






Fabrics with high fade resistance and long life wherever they are used. Eco-conscious and design products that take current environmental issues into account. 100% waterproof, dimensional stability, high tear resistance, Dirt and rot resistance.


LED lighting

Our company's pergola systems include integrated lighting (Information).